THIS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 25TH Alberto & Fernando * Boyz Nights * Sal Xclusive Ent.
The Official Dominican Independence Day Weekend Party!
This Sunday, February 25th!

La Insuperable en Vivo!
(Exclusive Drag Show) by DARYLIN LAFONTAIN & FONSY FOX
Diablos & Sexy Dancers Todo la Noche!
Featuring DJ Alex Mendez Birthday Celebration!
Music by:
Dj Alex Mendez
Dj Dynasty
Guestlist Free till 12.
New El Morocco Ballroom at 1060 Home Street Bronx New York

Rejun tegs
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Alberto & Fernando *Boyz Nightz * Escandalo Nights * Xclusive Ent. Present: Presidents Day Weekend El Morocco Reunion Party Featuring Sal Xclusives Birthday Bash Music by: Dj Alex Mendez Dj Dynasty El Morocco Ballroom Now at The Tropicana Nightclub 1060 Home Street Bronx New York

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Alberto & Fernando *Boyz Nightz * Escandalo Nights * Xclusive Ent. Present: Presidents Day Weekend El Morocco Reunion Party Featuring Sal Xclusives Birthday Bash Music by: Dj Alex Mendez Dj Dynasty El Morocco Ballroom Now at The Tropicana Nightclub 1060 Home Street Bronx New York




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